Our main objective is the efficient provision of legal services, providing a personalized service with a high quality standard. All our physical and human structure is focused on tireless defense of our clients’ interests.

In business labor law, the firm carries out:

  • Assistance in labor consultations with a preventive approach, aiming to avoid contingencies, liabilities and responsibilities.
  • The office works in synergy with the internal legal departments of its clients, as well as with the financial and human resources areas, both in the discussion of consultations and in the construction of procedural defenses. We analyze the contingencies and the cost-benefit ratio in all situations, and especially in the litigations and the convenience of their maintenance.
  • Defense in preparatory procedures and public civil investigations promoted by the Department of Labour (MinistérioPúblico do Trabalho – MPT)
  • Defense in infraction records issued by the Superintendência Regional do Trabalho e Emprego (SRTE);
  • Defense in individual and collective labor claims (filed by employees or by the professional Union);
  • Defense in public civil actions promoted by the Department of Labour;
  • Investigation of hidden contingencies and liabilities in the labor area, in legal diligences of mergers and acquisitions;
  • Restructuring and reduction of employees in mergers and acquisitions, extinction of establishments or closure of activities;
  • Outsourcing of services and contracting of suppliers and independent representatives;
  • Legal review of salary structures and benefits;
  • Incentive plans (bonuses, stock options, restricted stock units and profit sharing plans);
  • Review of internal company policies;
  • Collective bargaining with Unions from various sectors;
  • Issues related to offshore activities in the oil and gas sector.

In the labor advocacy in defense of the worker:

The firm has extensive experience in sectors and strategic activities, such as doctors, managers, outsourced workers and especially the rights related to bank workers, enhancing the repair of rights through the postulation and construction of relevant theses. The great differential of the office is the direct and personal performance of the members, because the service throughout the process including hearings, is performed only by lawyers of the team, since we do not outsource tasks. The focus on bank workers does not have a distinction of position or function, since we serve in an equal way from bank tellers, attendants, assistants, banking correspondents, analysts, and managers to the highest hierarchical levels of the institutions.

Check below our main activities in the area of ​​labor law:

  • Overtime;
  • Work break schedule – extra lunch time;
  • Equal pay;
  • Application for employment relationship;
  • Job security during pregnancy;
  • Work-related accident;
  • Moral damages;
  • Just cause dismissal overturn;
  • Severance Pay Fund (FGTS);
  • Hazard pay;
  • Job security related to work sickness.