• Social security benefits;
  • Retirement;
  • Disability benefit.


We offer our clients legal assistance in relation to social security and pension matters. We offer document analysis services, contribution time counting, and retirement planning, among others, necessary for the granting of the claimed benefits.

  • Assistance to the Elderly – BPC / LOAS;
  • Accident Aid;
  • Illness Aid;
  • Retirement;
  • Person with Disabilities Retirement;
  • Self-employed Retirement;
  • Retirement due to Full or Proportional Contribution Time;
  • Old-age Retirement;
  • Disability retirement;
  • Rural Retirement;
  • Special Retirement;
  • Death Pension;
  • Retirement Calculation;
  • Retirement Review;
  • Reclusion Aid;
  • Maternity pay;
  • Advice, guidance and planning to request the best benefit.